better off




Parents would be better off raising their children in European, Asian or Australian cities, according to a Wednesday report.

Real-estate technology startup Homeday evaluated hundreds of cities across the globe on 15 metrics that matter to families, including housing availability and cost, school quality, safety, parental leave laws, healthcare, pollution, green spaces, activities for kids and general affordability.

The result: America isn’t first. Not even close. In fact, the first US city to make the list is Seattle, at No. 31.

Topping the list of best cities for families are Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich, Stockholm and Hamburg.
(Hana R. Alberts. US cities are terrible for families. USA Today. November 16, 2017.)

東京よりも子育てに相応しい国内の都市はいくらでもあると思っていますが、それはさて置き、今日は“better off”という表現を取り上げたいと思います。

引用では冒頭の部分で使われていますが、”better off”は続くフレーズで表現される内容が「より良い選択である」ことを言うのに使われます。

“better off”に続くフレーズで典型的なものは、引用にもあるように、動詞の現在分詞形(〜ing)です。

For most clients, I still believe they are better off buying a home in established neighborhoods, because such are more likely to be desirable in a recession as in our current booming market.
(Chicago Sun Times, 2000)

“better off”にはもうひとつ別の意味があり、これはそもそも”off”という副詞が持っている意味合いなのですが、



He is far better off now than he was ten years ago.(10年前よりずっと暮らし向きがいい。)

“better off 〜ing”のフレーズはこの発展形ではないかと思っています。


up and running

グーグルのクラウドサービスのひとつとして知られるGoogle Docsが一時的にアクセス出来なくなるという障害に見舞われました。

Google Docs, the free word processing software from the Internet giant, went down Wednesday, but is now back up and running.

"Sorry for the disruption," Google said in a tweet. "Thanks again for your patience with us." The program was down for just under an hour, according to Google.

Google Docs has become the writing program of choice for many of today's office and freelance workers, as well as students, who can collaborate with others using the Web-based program.
(Jefferson Graham. Google Docs is up and running again. Get back to work. USA Today. November 15, 2017.)

Google Docsは協働作業にも向いているプラットフォームだそうで、多くの人たちに影響が及んだ模様です。


Google Docsはその後復活し、

up and running




不意打ち ー sucker-punch



College football player expelled after sucker-punching coach

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A Tennessee State University football player has been dismissed from the team and expelled from the school for hitting a coach.

TSU athletics director Teresa Phillips told The Tennessean that 22-year-old senior defensive end Latrelle Lee, of Dothan, Alabama, was kicked off the team and expelled Monday.

Videos show Lee hitting head strength coach T.J. Greenstone twice in the head, knocking him to the turf on the sideline during the Saturday night game against Southeast Missouri at Hale Stadium.
(New York Post. November 14, 2017.)

Merriam-Webster Dictionaryの定義では、

to punch (a person) suddenly without warning and often without apparent provocation




一斉握手? ー group handshake



President Trump on Monday attended the opening ceremony of the summit for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Manila, Philippines, where Trump initially struggled during a group photo with world leaders ahead of a one-on-one meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.


The world leaders then posed for a photo, with Trump standing next to Duterte.

Each leader placed his right hand over his left hand as part of the customary ASEAN handshake. Trump had a “false start” with the handshake before doing it properly, according to the pool report.

Photos of Trump doing the handshake quickly went viral.
(Jaqueline Thomsen. Group handshake briefly stumps Trump. The Hill. November 12, 2017.)






group handshake


辞書には出てきませんが、各国首脳が左右の腕を交差させて隣の人と握手する格好となるこの「ポーズ」は、どのメディアでも”group handshake”と表現されています。






A Mexican mother whose 10-month-old son weighs the same as a nine-year-old has spoken out about his mystery condition.

Isabel Pantoja, 24, from the Pacific coast state of Colima, said at first she assumed the baby Luis's growth was down to the fact that 'I had good breast milk' but now she is desperately worried for her son.


At birth Luis weighed 3.5kg (8lbs), about the same as his brother Mario, who is almost three but is now dwarfed by his baby brother.
(The Daily Mail. November 12, 2017.)



his brother Mario, who is almost three but is now dwarfed by his baby brother







The two couples also teamed up with others to create the Breakthrough Prizes for scientists who make discoveries that extend human life. Its $3 million payouts - given to six scientists each year - dwarf similar awards, including the Nobel Prizes, currently about $925,000.
(Washington Post, 2015)

As powerful as it will be, the impact that the Internet of things will have on our personal lives is dwarfed by its business potential. Soon, companies will be able to perfectly match product demand to raw materials orders, streamlining supply chains and minimizing waste to an extraordinary degree.
(Futurist, 2012)